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WP4 Training Development Meeting

On the 14th of July the TRAP-EE consortium has gathered together in Nova Gorica (Slovenia) to jointly discuss and plan the main issues related to the future training development activities. Therefore some of the key objectives of the WP4 meeting were sharing the good and bad experiences and recommendations arising from the first pilot training in Carinthia, discussing and evaluating the gathered training material and the developed checklist and planning the 3 pilot trainings in Slovenia and Croatia.

The training programme will implement and build around the concept of the checklist, which presents an integrated and organized approach to solve the issues of operational energy efficiency in buildings. The ebK has delivered a 2-day pilot training for caretakers on the 4th and 24th of July. Between the first and the second training day the caretakers had to apply the checklist in practice, performing individual checks in the context of their building in hand. In short they had to collect the data of energy consumption, calculate the key figures and do the comparison with the respective benchmarks and inspect and execute (if possible) all the practical tests.

The ebK has shared some of the evaluation results from the first pilot training among which the most interesting are:

    • most of the required checks can be done spontaneously by hart by each caretaker if they are familiar enough with their building and it should take around 4 hours of their time;
    • the benchmarks are proven to be very useful and helpful, especially for the first assessment;
    • in case where the building has a kind of environmental certification, it is much easier to identify the data for energy consumption;
    • the checklist is a very effective method to overcome and circumvent the organizational and operational day-to-day routines;
    • the caretakers that have attended the training appreciated very much the group discussion and experience sharing among them.

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