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TRAP-EE Transfer Workshop

On the 17th of April 2014 the TRAP-EE project partner energie:bewusst Kärnten hosted the “Transfer Workshop”, which was held at their facilities in Klagenfurt, Austria.

The main aim of the workshop was to review and discuss the existing training material and methodology, taking into account the specific needs of the local environments (of Slovenia and Croatia) and target training group, which have been identified in the context of Work Package 2. The methodology is based on applying the predefined checklist involving several key areas of operational energy efficiency (such as user behaviour, electricity, heat consumption devices and principles etc.) in a context of a specific building. The caretaker needs to check and analyze the specific issues and furthermore elaborate the relevant actions, some of which are already proposed in the checklist.

For instance the caretaker needs to make a simple audit identifying the air leakages of windows and furthermore perform appropriate correctives such as applying seals or adjusting the fittings. After applying the checklist, the additional training is delivered to caretakers, where all the issues are explained in details and problematic areas (identified in their real environment in the context of the building) are further discussed and solved and the solutions and experiences are shared and discussed within a group. This problem-based approach presents a perfect combination of theory and practice, integrating learning and working life in order to maximize the learning experience and, by solving the concrete problems, directly influencing the operational energy efficiency of the building in hand. The learner is in the center of the model having a constructive role; the task of the trainer is altered from passive transferring the knowledge into facilitating the learning process.

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