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Firts pilot training for caretakers in Carinthia

On the 4th of June 2014 energie:bewusst Kärnten delivered firts pilot training, applying and evaluating the methodology developed in the frame of the TRAP-EE project. Focusing especially on practical issues the training was held in the Technical secondary school Lastenstraße in Klagenfurt, Austria. 18 caretakres from private and public buildings took part.

At the beginning, a short introductory session was delivered, where different issues on ensuring and increasing operational energy efficiency have been discussed. Later on, the participants applied the developed checklist in the context of the technical secondary school building. Already in this phase, the target training group exchanged their experiences.

In the mid time bewteen both training days the participants got some homework to do: they all have to apply the checklist in the context of their own building. The second training day will be delivered on the 24th of June, where all the issues will be explained in details and problematic areas (identified in their real environment in the context of the building) are further discussed and solved and the solutions and experiences are shared and discussed within a group.

First evaluation results demonstrate that some additional addaptations of the developed checklist are still needed, as the target group is heterogeneous and it is quite difficult to satisfy all the different needs. Nevertheless, the caretakers valued the delivered training as relevant and practically oriented, well organized, involving trainers with high expertise and practically applicable knowledge.

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