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Final evaluation meeting in Zagreb

On the 13th of February 2015 TRAP-EE has organized and delivered the final evaluation meeting held in Zagreb, Croatia and hosted by project partner HEP ESCO. The main aim of the meeting was the overall evaluation of the delivered pilot trainings together with sharing of experiences and best practices that arose from the TRAP-EE project.

Some of the main considerations that should be exposed are:

    • In majority all caretakers involved have been satisfied and identified many positive contributions of the delivered trainings (e.g. practical examples how to enhance energy efficiency, group discussions, theoretical background etc.).
    • The trainings have considerable potential to be (commercially) delivered also in the future within different segments of the public and private sector. Special competitive advantage could represent customized trainings for the specific group of caretakers or for specific target environment. All partners involved in the TRAP-EE project will continue with the organization and delivery of similar trainings or workshop events, also for different target user groups (e.g. decision makers, managers, users, technicians, operators etc.).
    • Influencing operational parameters without significant investments represent low hanging fruit to achieve savings. And one of the main barriers to enhance energy efficiency of the buildings derives from the lack of qualified personnel responsible for property maintenance. The developed training programme is effectively coping with the problems in hand, which was acknowledged also through the project results.

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