Lifelong Learning Programme / Leonardo da Vinci / Transfer of Innovation

Delivery and evaluation of TRAP-EE pilot trainings

As in line with the main aim, TRAP-EE project has delivered 3 pilot trainings to evaluate the transferred learning material and the developed TRAP-EE training programme. Each training lasted for 2 days (16 hours). Trainings have been carried out by top-level and highly skilled trainers recruited from each partner organization, namely IRI UL, GOLEA and HEP ESCO. The pilots have addresses 3 different segments within the public building sector.

    • The premises of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dates: 6th of October & 20th of October 2014

Location: Faculty of electrical engineering of the University of Ljubljana & Faculty of computer and information sciences of the University of Ljubljana

Number of attendees: 11 caretakers

    • Primary school premises of the Gori┼íka region, Slovenia

Dates: 4th of November & 18th of November 2014

Location: Srednja gozdarska in lesarska šola Postojna & Primorski tehnološki park Vrtojba

Number of attendees: 12 caretakers

    • Administrative buildings of the Zagreb region, Croatia

Dates: 19th of November & 3rd of December 2014

Location: Hrvatska elektroprivreda, Zagreb

Number of attendees: 15 caretakers

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