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Additional associated partners

The project partners are very proud to announce that additional regional specialists from Austria cooperate with the TRAP-EE project to improve and upgrade the training programme to train the caretakers in the field of operational energy efficiency of the buildings. These additional specialists are:

  1. Energie Tirol
  2. Salzburger Institut f√ľr Raumordnung
  3. Energie- und Umweltagentur Niederösterreich
  4. LandesEnergieVerein Steiermark

The project has demonstrated that the additional knowledge and experiences offered by regional energy agencies are highly appreciated and would considerably improve the results and impact of the project. Through their involvement also other parts of Austria (Tirol, Salzburg, Niederösterreich and Steirermark) will benefit from project results, disseminating them through their own channels and networks. The up-graded training programme will be additionally evaluated in Austrian environment, involving pilot target group of Austrian caretakers (foreseen to be delivered in June 2014). The different regional energy agencies in Austria have identified the positive outcomes of the TRAP-EE project and will aim the developed training programme to be acknowledged as a standard instructional method in the field of operational energy efficiency in Austria.

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